Bottled Tastes

The Garlic-Like Obsession

“With a lot of developers jumping onboard the hype train, the genre is likely to quickly become saturated. Even a couple of years after writing and reposting this article, there is still a ongoing hype for this genre.” Bram Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t, but yes, there is a booming genre that […]

#Hashtag GameDev: Do or Don’t?

Trending Today #Hashtag GameDev: Do or Don’t? The Importance of an Iron Skin in GameDev Floramancer: Seeds & Spells Releasing March 5th Project Planet – Earth vs Humanity Game Tasting “The everlasting debate about hashtags and whether they work or not has been proved and debunked many times” Game Industry Marketeers Ever since I started […]

The Importance of an Iron Skin in GameDev

Trending Today Floramancer: Seeds & Spells Releasing March 5th Project Planet – Earth vs Humanity Game Tasting Dordogne Game Tasting Bat Boy Game Tasting “Sticks and Stones may hurt my bones, but words may never hurt me” Child’s Expression Since starting my work in the Games Industry, I have been in touch with numerous game […]

Floramancer: Seeds & Spells Releasing March 5th

“Grow spells, battle the robot overlords and find your way to restore life back to the forest as you are the last Floramancer.” Bram This will be the first commercial PC game made by solo developer Joe Sullivan. While he has years of freelancing and an iOS game under his belt, it was time to […]

Project Planet – Earth vs Humanity Game Tasting

“Amazingly fun, play it with up to 6 people, or fill the other spots with AI. Almost every game that I played was different, with other people. It’s a bit like Plague inc, but multiplayer.” Bottled Tastes Steam Curator Project Planet – Earth vs Humanity is developed by Fifth Harbour Studios, an indie game studio […]

Dordogne Game Tasting

“A fully watercolor  handpainted art style taking place in the beautiful landscape of France. Follow Mimi as she recovers a box of memories, that will take her back into the past.” Bottled Tastes Steam Curator Dordogne is developed by UN JE NE SAIS QUOI & UMANIMATION and is being published by Focus Entertainment. We actually […]

Bat Boy Game Tasting

“Very fun-themed Retro platformer, the dialogue was great, funny and not too long, however sometimes we found the attacks too slow and missed some of them. Nonetheless great. Tried the mini-boss as well, but it’s hard for a casual player.” Bottled Tastes Steam Curator Bat Boy is developed by Sonzai Games and being published by […]

Twin Stick Tennis Game Tasting

“Chaotic but fun top down twin stick sho.. tennis sports game! Start a career mode or play against each other. Follows real tennis rules and is very addictive to keep playing.” Bottled Tastes Steam Curator Twin Stick Tennis is developed by solo developer Ward and is published under the Brainburn Studio. It’s the first game […]

Tinkertown Game Tasting

“Tinkertown is a refreshing new multiplayer sandbox experience with up to 3 friends. It has a huge map to explore with a diversity of crafting resources and enemies. Be sure to travel around!” Bottled Tastes Steam Curator Tinkertown is published and developed by Headup Games.Headup is a hybrid games publishing and development company providing players […]