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Since starting my work in the Games Industry, I have been in touch with numerous game developers from all over the world, you can easily say that I have been in contact with over 500 gamedevs from different cultures, religions and backgrounds. But what is one thing they all have in common?

They don’t know what to do when the reviews pour in.

Most of the developers I have worked with were either working on or releasing their first commercial game, and with commercial games comes social contact. And while you, as game developer know how much blood, sweat and tears you put in your game, someone behind the screen will sometimes not be able to imagine that there is a human behind your game.

Your game might still be very positively received, there might be some players standing out. Next to responding to those odd ones out, it’s also a great thing to reply to the good reviews!

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Try to stay polite and learn how to say "Thank you!"

As commercial games mostly get released on Steam, you have numerous encounters with your players either through the Steam Forums, or through Steam Reviews. And while they both are important, it’s also important to be prepared and to not let it get to you.

There are a couple of ‘don’ts’ that you should not be doing when replying to your customers. Never reply with a no, but rather explain why. Try to think as your players, why are they feeling this way, why are they strongly expressing something?

Even when their feedback or review is not in a polite way, be sure that you do respond in a polite way, because a lot more people are reading. As developer response are public, people who check the reviews can still decide to buy a negative game if the developer has a good response, or of course, the other way around. 

Do not contact a Curator, reviewer or user privately to ask them to turn around a review, this questions their legitimacy. And while you can strongly feel that someone is wrong, try to ask them why they felt that way when writing their findings.

You can also help turn your reviews around, someone who might express themselves strongly against something as their might for example be bugs in your game, can always change their review to a positive when interacting helpful with them as the developer.

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