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“Amazingly fun, play it with up to 6 people, or fill the other spots with AI. Almost every game that I played was different, with other people. It’s a bit like Plague inc, but multiplayer.”

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Project Planet – Earth vs Humanity is developed by Fifth Harbour Studios, an indie game studio working on their first game.

We had the luck to host Project Planet at one of our Test & Play Showcase events where we playtested the game with multiple people over the course of an evening via a big screen and a living room vibe. And to run a couple of Projects Marketing & PR wise with Game Taste, our indie game marketing & PR company. Providing them with multiple Editorial & Influencer campaigns next to outside invites via Key Request.

Rik and Sjors, the developers of the game show a lot of passion for Project Planet which is awesome to see, played many games so far with them and also with Nieck the programmer and of course their community members. And they’re always on top of things trying to help out new players and/or making changes that the community think the game needs, or at least considering them. Making sure that no player is left behind!

Project Planet – Earth vs Humanity has released on Steam since the 25th of September.

You can read our Marketing & PR Service Case Study about our services during their development here!

To start off, I would like to mention that playing with your friends or others is the absolute most fun way to play this game!

The game can be played with 5 AIs that will take care of the roles and will give you a good insight of the game, or to play and test new strategies that you would want to implement, but who doesn’t want to have their friends fight a battle between themselves while you pick them off billion by billion!

To get started, just simply go to when the master screen is hosting the important information and code for you. You can play the game both via your PC web browser, or a web browser on your phone. Making it ideal to play with your friends at home behind the TV, or even in a bar with a beamer, as you can see on the picture above!

There are 6 roles in the game that you can pick:

  • Earth: Play as Mother Earth and unleash disasters onto the world where your goal is to let humanity go extinct.
  • World Leaders: Play and make decision as the world’s political party.
  •  Industry: Play and make decision as the Industry, make decisions based off CEOs and offices for example.
  • Scientists: This is for the more experienced Humanity players! Next to making scientifical decisions, you can do science track records where you can spend resources on research.
  • Media: Either spread Fake News to keep the people happy or stay truthful to the news.
  • Public: Play as the biggest crowd, the Public, where you can choose what the People want. 

There are multiple strategies for both the Earth player and the Humanity players to either have Humanity survive or to let Earth succeed into getting humanity to go extinct. 

While playing you will notice that you can have multiple choices within the game that can either positively or negatively impact your own but also others their roles, the population and/or the Ecosystems and Pollution.

Next to that Humanity also has a Positive and a Hostile ability they can use to get or give more power or to restore the population or/and ecosystems & pollution. Power makes your choices more powerful, for example if you want your own role to thrive and you choose something extremely egotistical you can you want high power to have higher outcomes, as the person with the most power wins if Humanity survives!

It might take you a couple of games to get into it, but there are ? help pointers everywhere when you are playing and as mentioned before the developers and community are super helpful in getting players to play the next fun match of Project Planet.

Watch out because you will find yourself sinking 30 hours into the game just playing and making memes with the developers.

For Accessibility Options, the game is easily playable on handheld devices when joining someone and the game is fully audio lined with beeps that will let you know when something important happens or if it is your turn. There currently are no subtitles to news articles, as far as I have seen. But there are text articles as well, that do have their headlines read out to you.

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