Bottled Tastes

“Grow spells, battle the robot overlords and find your way to restore life back to the forest as you are the last Floramancer.”


This will be the first commercial PC game made by solo developer Joe Sullivan. While he has years of freelancing and an iOS game under his belt, it was time to bring a new genre-bending game with farming and combat on the market with his new project.

After having a successful Steam Next Fest, it’s time to release the game to the public. The game was received well due to its unique nature (literally) and is still looking for wishlists to ensure the games launch to be even more successful!

Floramancer: Seeds & Spells is an action/farming game where you grow spells and use them to fight and explore a magical procedurally generated forest.

There are dozens of unique Seeds/Plants/Spells that all have various uses for combat, exploring and nurturing plants.

The game features an extremely interactable procedural environment with tons of enemies and obstacles.

And of course, as beautiful and unique art style.

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