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“Only start a run if you have the time! Very addictive with tons of replay ability, customable Mechs and roguelite maps. Choose melee or ranged and get to extraction!”

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Granvir is developed by Airborne Games, made by solo developer Landon who also made Airmen Expedition.

Granvir is an action roguelite featuring mech building. Scavenge the battlefield for parts to replace and upgrade your arms, legs, torso and weaponry. PIlot your Granvir and manage your campaign between battles to find the best equipment and stay supplied.

If you are a Gunpla fan like me, it’s very cool to play this game as you can utilize a lot of weapons and accessories ranging from guns, to spears, to shoulder rocks & accessories ranging from cargo backpacks to a range of defensive items like shields.

Granvir is still TBA to have a release date on Steam, but will participate in upcoming Steam Next Fest from 10th to 17th of June. There already is a demo LIVE!

Only play this game if you have time! You will get lost in the many levels and possibilities that Gravir has.

In the game you have two sections, one where you manage your Granvir and do your planning, and one where you select the level and are the boots on the ground.

In the planning section you can do the following things:

  • Modify, Tune and Paint your Granvir (Best thing is, you can make it any color you’d like!)
  • Buy, Sell or Salvage gear and ammo
  • Check out your reputation and increase it, the better your reputation the more possibilities open up for actions such as calling in a distraction
  • Get a Loan and repay it, yes Mecha parts are expensive…
Needles to say I spent a lot of time in the Granvir creator and painter!

After you spent all of your hours in the outpost, you are able to deploy.

Every run is different as the map changes each run, the campaign stays the same however, you are to defeat a stronghold. Along the way you cross tiles that could have secondary objectives such as Anti-Air Granvir’s. If you take those out, it will help you out further in that run.

The tiles have different terrains on the Region Map that have different purposes, such as the industry tiles, that are more heavily protected and the farm lands, where you can even find some NPC Granvir’s working the lands.

When deploying, you start off in a protected village that has turrets that shoot at any enemy getting close. Throughout the level you have your primary and optional objectives that you can do. The main objective is to reach for extraction, while optional objectives can range from protection to helping power not working industry plants.

Either way, prepare your ammo and weapons for tons of Granvir and troops. You can find more loot along the way, so be sure to have a empty cargo hold. When you reach extraction, you’ll reach your outpost again, where you get to plan everything again before deploying onto the next mission.

For Accessibility Options, the game currently has VSync, different sets of Pilot Controls and Piloting Cameras, the game is playable with controller and has different styles to play it. You can also change the Camera Shake and Mouse/Gamepad Sensitivity  with a slider. If there will be any other relating settings is not known.

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