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“A fully watercolor  handpainted art style taking place in the beautiful landscape of France. Follow Mimi as she recovers a box of memories, that will take her back into the past.”

Bottled Tastes Steam Curator

Dordogne is developed by UN JE NE SAIS QUOI & UMANIMATION and is being published by Focus Entertainment.
We actually had the luck to meet the team behind Dordogne in Singapore a couple of years back when they were working on the game, at the Global Top Round conference.

They brought and made beautiful water paintings to Singapore and have been doing this to a couple of other events I’ve seen over at their social media. The art style is just beautiful and very relaxing.

Dordogne came out today, on the 13th of June, 2023 and is available over at Steam, or first day over at Xbox Game Pass! Next to that the game is available over on the Switch and Playstation.

The story starts in the current day, near Dordogne, where you play as Mimi. You recently got the sad news that your grandmother Nora has passed away and this game knows exactly how to get into your feels. The story is emotional from the start and might even be related to you. The writing and art truly captivate the emotion and let’s you feel it. 

You are going to the house of Nora as you received a letter that she has sent you after she passed away by her will. The letter states that there is an old box with memories and another letter, which Mimi wants to retrieve before the house gets sold. 

Within the first chapter, you’ll be visiting the house and revisiting your memories. Where you as little Mimi stayed over at Nora’s home during a Summer vacation while your parents were away. At first you don’t like it and rebel, but during the first day you’ll play through finding stickers, getting a binder that your grand parents used and now want you to use and much more.

The game will let you play both current and past Mimi in this narrative adventure as you revisit your memories and uncover why your family’s past. You’ll walk through the beautiful hand painted landscape, and will see that you can truly relax and immerse yourself to be in Dordogne.

For accessibility Options, you can enable subtitles, put on V-SYNC and change your controls.
Which is more than enough for the game. Unsure if people that are colorblind would have an issue dealing with the game, but there is no color blind mode or mode where you can change the colors.

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