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“Little Orbit is doing something different, which can be seen as fun and rewarding. No NFTs and opt-in for blockchain, where the F2P player helps the game.”


Little Orbit, the company behind ABP Reloaded and over 20+ titles shipped after being in the industry for over 12 years with operational experience, they’re taking the Free-To-Play market by storm with its piublishing platform GamersFirst dot com. They are currently expanding the platform to develop revenue-sharing ecosystems focused on User-Generated Content (UGC) tools and a market place where everyone (Developers, Gamers, Creators) all benefit.

“GamersFirst is paving the way for a new era of creativity and innovation in the gaming industry. With this expansion, we’re creating an unparalleled creator economy that will allow our platform to scale and provide gamers with revenue generation unlike any other. We’re aiming to create a powerful global virtual economy through our Web 2.5 strategy,” said Matthew Scott, CEO, Little Orbit. 

With the expanded GamersFirst platform, players will be able to sell their digital in-game items and receive a return on their investment, while content creators can monetize their creations through sales or commissions from players.  

“We’ve made it easy for players to buy in-game items just like they’re used to doing in all free-to-play games now,” Scott continued. “They can trade or buy items in-game without ever touching blockchain assets. The only time they ever have to engage in a blockchain transaction is when creators want to convert the coins they’ve earned from affiliate revenue, or when players want to cash out items in their collections.”

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