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Fatbot Games is a small indie studio located in Bratislava, Slovakia, Central Europe, founded in 2015 by two longtime friends and game dev veterans, Tibor Repta and Matej Zajacik. Before that, Tibor and Matej worked in other bigger, established game companies, having 50+ years of combined experience at studios like Bohemia Interactive, Cauldron – Activision, Keen Software House, and Illusion Softworks.

But both were disgruntled by the ineffectiveness and creative inflexibility, sharing similar opinions and ideas on how to better run a game company, they started Fatbot Games.

In the veins of a true indie studio, they started to work full-time on their first project while being roommates. The project, a dungeon crawler RPG named Vaporum, quickly grew to a solid prototype, gathering interest from fellow game devs and other people. They believe in polished games with engaging storylines and high production value in both visuals and gameplay.

Find out more over at their website Fatbot Games.

Vaporum: Lockdown has released to the Nintendo Switch and on Steam a couple of days ago, be sure to check it out, this article was written based on the Nintendo Switch version.

A steampunk hallway in the Tower

Vaporum: Lockdown is a grid-based dungeon crawler in an original steampunk setting. It is a prequel to the award-winning steampunk dungeon crawler Vaporum. This sequel expands on everything that made the first game good, including more menacing enemy types, broadened skill trees, new gadgets, plenty of new unique items, and original puzzles & mechanics.

Controls have been considerably streamlined for a much smoother experience. Controls are easy to use and won’t cause any confusion while playing.

Vaporum: Lockdown follows the story of Ellie Teller, a teleport operator & scientist, who struggles to survive the aftermath of a terrible event. She came on board on the project through her old professor.

An enemy of the Supreme Bureau

Follow Ellie Teller, a young scientist, working on teleportation research in a grand secret project, Arx Vaporum,  hidden in the middle of a vast ocean. Experience the last moments of her normal day job before things go very wrong, forcing her to quickly adapt to omnipresent danger and to confront her own past.

The story takes you through the Tower where a weird substance was found and where the Supreme Bureau went to test subjects. Solve puzzles and riddles to gain more access to the tower and unravel all of its mysteries.

Use gadgets for area damage

You will find many types of gadgets. Some deal area damage to multiple enemies, some manipulate the battlefield in various ways, and some can even create your own army of underlings. All these gadgets are powerful, but some enemies are immune to certain types of attacks, so you will have to figure out the best way to deal with every encounter the game throws at you.

Next to the weapons, you can find, you will find equipment and puzzle pieces that will help you progress your game. You can even progress your equipment, the Exoskeleton Rig, and gain better stats.

Change up your weapons, rig, and progress your equipment

Solve intriguing puzzles, riddles, and level-wide objectives where you have to use both your wits and reflexes. Many of these smaller puzzles contribute to solving the main one, how to escape the tower.

The puzzles have a wide variety in difficulty from powering up the generator to open doors to progress, and harder to solve puzzles where we won’t give a spoiler of and are yours to find out.

Be sure to dodge the lasers in the Tower

The game features a lot of accessibility settings on the Switch, you can change the head bobbing, screen shake, and even the idling camera. You can play this game both with continuous movement or the classical turn movement.

You can find the game in the Nintendo Eshop here for the US: Vaporum: Lockdown for Nintendo Switch US.
And here for the EU: Vaporum: Lockdown | Nintendo Switch EU.

Watch the Switch launch trailer here: Vaporum: Lockdown – Nintendo Switch – Launch Trailer

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This article is a campaign from Fatbot Games through, the key was received for free and images and info were received through their attached presskit.

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