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UnderMine is an action-adventure roguelike that mixes combat and dungeon crawling with RPG-like progression.

Thorium Entertainment was founded in 2015 and is the studio behind UnderMine and 3 other games that they released. You can check their website for the other games.

UnderMine is both available on Xbox Gamepass and Windows 10. 

Collect minerals in the refreshing cave system of UnderMine

Arkanos, the Archmage has an important task for you. The mine has been plagued with earthquakes and you need to find the source of the tremors.

Some other townsfolk have been gone missing as well.
It’s your job to find out the cause of the earthquakes and rescue the townsfolk.

Collect your gold when you mine it before it gets stolen by Pilfers

Explore the ever-shifting mine one room at a time. Find the keys to unlock doors to other rooms and gold for upgrades, food, and relics.
However, beware of Pilfers, they will try to steal the gold that lays on the ground as you venture forward, so pick it up fast after you mine it.

Clear all the rooms to go a floor down. All the floors in the dungeon change every time you enter. Be aware of boss rooms, the bosses are deadly and very challenging.

You got to save all the townsfolk you come across, they’re either trapped and need a special key or are blocked in somewhere, it’s different every rescue.

Find the merchant room to buy items, or find them throughout the rooms.

If you die in the mine, you get revived as a new peasant and will lose most of your relics and items that you picked up. 

The Archmage does sell some other upgrades that will get passed on by your little canary bird.

Buy upgrades from the smith to progress further into the mine

Discover, collect, and craft hundreds of items at the smith.

You have to find special purple gems to let the smith make you blueprint items that you find throughout your exploration.

The game can be repeated over and over, however, if you manage to finish the main campaign, it’s possible to jump into the Othermine, this has a traditional rogue-mode.

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For accessibility, the game is fully playable with a controller and button remapping is possible.
You can also turn off the screen-shaking in the options. There is no colorblind mode for the game available.

For all the UnderMine achievements, you can check UnderMine Achievements

To watch the trailer, check the video here UnderMine – Release Trailer

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