The Last Bug game tasting

Promo art for The Last Bug Early Access

In the backyard of an abandoned house, the bug colony has decided that it’s time to select their leader. They organized and held the competition in the crazy battle arena to find the last bug standing that was worthy of the honorable position.
After the news, the bugs all over the universe have signed up for the fight, they believe that this challenge will make their dream come true.

The Last Bug is a Turn-Based Battle Royale game. Jump into the battle against other players, competing to be a true bug leader! The players must use weapons to brutalize poor enemies, bluff other players to turn the situation around, or just to mess with them.

In-game footage of The Last Bug featuring different game modes

During the battle, Don’t let anyone spot you. Real bugs move and act without a trace. At the same time, keep your eyes on what’s going on in your surroundings, you can be ahead of the enemies. Use your guts and keen eyes to predict which block enemies are moving to, and take them down!

Well-observed and strategically planning is also important because you never know what will happen from the furious arena! The edge of the arena is the most dangerous from disasters. Try to get into the center to avoid them from the deadly Airstrike, or you might get the Airdrop which can save your life in a critical situation.

In a battle, we all need weapons to brutalize those enemies and defend ourselves. Beneath the arena, There are over a dozen weapons that are scattered hidden. You can get it from digging a block, the more you dig, the more chance to get them. Each weapon is specialized in various situations, don’t forget to choose it well.

In-game footage showing some of the random world possibilities

Over a dozen bugs are to be introduced and they are waiting to be chosen for the new challenging arena against the enemies. Each bug comes with different mastery and abilities which specializes in many situations.

The game features a vast array of game modes where you can either use the training grounds, casual mode, or compete for a better badge (bronze, silver, gold, etc.) 

One of the modes in The Last Bug

Unlock a new champion of eight playable champions, each with their own unique play styles, finishing moves, and abilities to master. All skills and abilities are upgradeable with the materials you gained from the battle. Discover the potential abilities inside each champion and give enemies no mercy.

Next to abilities you can find items on the map, existing out of healing items, melee & ranged items and more. Be sure to stay hidden and don’t stand too long on one tile before the ground collapses under your feet.

In-game footage of different abilities

You can open up a lot of different loot boxes as well, some open up with time, some with rampage coins, some with flags, and other ones only with event-related coins.

These loot boxes are called chests and look like ammunition boxes, they carry a whole lot of different stuff, that is not related to the games you get in the game.
You can get materials, pocket items that you can use in-game and stuff like Fashion Packs where we’ll talk about a bit more in the next bit. 

Screenshot focussing one of the chests

More than a hundred skins and accessories allow you to customize bug appearance in your favor, making every move even more exceptional. There are also dozens of seasonal outfits that are worthy to collect!
Find common, rare or legendary items through the Fashion Packs and chests.

Different stylish costumes to wear in The Last Bug

The Early Access features achievements and some settings like enabling or disabling screen shake. If the game will feature any other accessibility settings is not stated.

Be sure to check the game out over at The Last Bug on Steam.

Promo art of The Last Bug

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