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Sunblaze key cover art

Sunblaze is a precision platformer with over 700 hand-crafted levels, which can be completed in both a normal mode, hard mode, and Zen mode. The game is inspired by Celeste, but with a heavier emphasis on puzzling, and with different mechanics.

The game is being developed by the Indie game studio Games From Earth, housing 5 amazing team members that I came in contact with. It has been very fun to follow the development of Sunblaze from playtesting it over at G.Round, streaming it over at my Twitch channel (Check Sunblaze Twitch VOD), translating the game to Dutch, and now also writing about it. Games From Earth are a group of sentient beings currently residing on planet earth, that have united to work on a common goal: SUNBLAZE. With Sven Magnus (Also known as Mudloop) as their frontman, they are looking to give challenges even to the most experienced players.

The game is being published by Bonus Stage Publishing, which resides in Finland. You might know them from their previously published game, Warshmallows, which was also available to playtest on G.Round and is now out to play on Steam. Bonus Stage has a fresh mindset, they are entering the market wanting to help indie developers and to publish games that they enjoy playing themselves. With a deep desire to keep their business transparent and easily approachable for the indie developers, their message is clear: “We business, you games”.

Sunblaze is now out over at;
Steam: Sunblaze on Steam
Nintendo Switch: Sunblaze for Nintendo Switch
GOG: Sunblaze on
With a general price of 14.99USD/14.99 EUR/12.49GBP

Or get Sunblaze with a 15% by applying code BottledTastes over at your cart on the Bonus Stage website here Sunblaze (PC, Steam key) – Bonus Stage Publishing!

Josie in her training to become the ultimate superhero

You play as Josie, who lives with her dad, and Ms. Pryde, her cat. Her dad is a superhero and you are going to be trained to be a superhero as well!

At least… If the training simulator lets her live when she gets trapped inside the simulator. The simulator has been programmed to make Josie the ultimate superhero and won’t stop until she is the ultimate superhero.

Follow Josie through the 700 handcrafted (!) levels that were designed by Mudloop and unravel the story more and more.

The simulation is not a toy!

Jump, dash, float and fly through the 700 handcrafted levels (Yes we’re mentioning this again since it’s awesome how one person has made 700 levels with puzzles this good.) to become the ultimate superhero.

Sunblaze can be played on Normal difficulty or Zen difficulty. Whereas they recommend playing the normal difficulty first before trying out the zen difficulty. When you gather all data cubes, hard difficulty unlocks per chapter as well.

The game is great for speedrunners as well, as the game tracks your time per chapter, per game and also has a death count that you can display on your screen.

You can dash and double jump your way through the levels, for some people it might take some practice, but as long as you’re having fun, it doesn’t matter. The game is also very fun to play on your stream.

At a certain point, training drones will also get involved, and you will need to dash through or jump on them, for the gates to open.

Screenshot showing a level in the simulation

Sunblaze spent a lot of attention on its accessibility, which is awesome for an indie game studio. They want as many people to enjoy the game as possible and the team added multiple accessibility options in the game.

Next to that the customizable difficulty options and the separate ‘Zen mode’ caters to every gamer. Zen mode is basically an ‘Easy mode’, but the team even thought about how to name it better.

For accessibility settings, you can toggle VSync, Blood, Camera shake, and Flickering effects for display settings. They have an arsenal of languages available that you can choose from. You can also remap the buttons on the keyboard+mouse and controller.

Screenshot showing the house of Josie, her dad, and her cat Ms. Pryde

There are 33 open achievements that you can get with Sunblaze, you can check the achievements here Sunblaze achievements on Steam.

Watch the trailer for the game here Sunblaze Trailer.
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This article is a campaign through Bonus Stage Publishing, the key was received for free and images and info were received through their attached press kit, creator kit or from Bottled Tastes in-game screenshots.

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    This was super informative. I didn’t know about the accessibility options or the multi-language support. We love to support indie games who strive to make gaming more inclusive.


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