Spiritfarer game tasting

Spiritfarer is a game that lets you take the wheel in the afterlife.
It starts with the protagonist Stella and her cat Daffodil (which you, in fact, can cuddle in-game), sailing in a boat, meeting the old spirit farer, Charon.
Charon mentions it’s time to go and Stella has to take over the task of fetching stray spirits that are stranded and guide them to the Everdoor.
Each spirit is a unique character with their own stories and quests.
Before Charon disappears he tells Stella and Daffodil to get a boat of their own and hands over the Everlight. The Everlight works in celestial ways that come in handy for almost everything within the game.

Your Everlight powers everything in the game, especially the boat you travel with.
The boat is the main part where the story takes part, you can build and upgrade a lot of your ship to give safe passage to the stray spirits.
In the daytime, the boat travels through the Everlight and you come across different Islands that are little platform levels as well, hiding treasure on rooftops for example.
You can either upgrade the boat from the outside or build houses and other necessary buildings onto your ship.
You can gain glims and resources by going to fear spots, where you pop enemies to get either one of those.
You can also go to islands to gather more resources, the game will explain where and how you can get these.
The more souls you help, the more Obol you get, you can use Obol to upgrade your everlight even further.

To keep the spirits happy, they all have their different needs and wishes, you can interact with them via their interaction menu, sometimes they give quests when you talk with them, but you can also lighten up their mood.
The mood of the spirits changes whenever they are hungry or they experience something they don’t like.
You can give them certain items via the interaction menu and also feed them their favorite foods, that you can cook within the kitchen.
Hugging is also an interaction you can choose, we understand that you can hug Daffodil as Daffodil is a cat, but hugging a spirit isn’t really clear to us.

Overall, Spiritfarer has a nice crafting mechanism with quests and errands.
The game is on Gamepass or you can buy it for 30$.

For all the Spiritfarer achievements, you can check Spiritfarer Achievements.

To watch the trailer, check the video here Spiritfarer – Launch Trailer.

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