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Welcome to Snowtopia, an hivernal world that lasts forever full of relaxing activities.

Tame the mountain and build the ideal ski resort on top of it. Answer the needs of skiers who always want more and better. Adapt the tracks so they can enjoy their stay.

The objective is simple: make it the nicest play to live. Do you want to take this challenge?

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Snowtopia is the work of Tea for Two, an independent studio based in Paris, France. The core team is led by Garry Williams (Programmer, ex-Ubisoft, and Electronic Arts) and Anne Lautrou (Producer, ex-educator, and sustainable development consultant), both keen skiers – whenever they find the time! – and big fans of tycoon games.

They are backed by a solid team of freelancers and by Blueprint, the collective they co-founded in 2016.

Snowtopia is being published by Goblinz studio, a team of starting indie developers that have over 50 years of experience in playing games collectively, their mission is to start making them for their own studio as well.

Going up in the ski lift

Snowtopia is a simulation strategy game that lets you build your dream ski resort paradise.
At the start, you will have to build slopes that will satisfy skiers their needs in their search for a challenge.

You’re not only catering to the adrenaline needs, but you also have to be sure that the slopes are safe, groomed, and you will also need to have a maintenance crew for the ski lifts.

While satisfying everyone their needs, you will unlock a better reputation for your ski resort and will attract other skier profiles.

You don’t have to pay for the crew as you will be having volunteers helping you out, so to start building, maintaining, and researching structures that you can unlock, you will need to build the builder’s lodge firstly.

The game is now available via their store link where the game is currently 10% off Save 10% on Snowtopia: Ski Resort Tycoon on Steam in Early Access.
Since the game is in Early Access we will keep writing about this game as new updates and features will be added!

A shot featuring some slopes and a cozy looking ski resort

If you have built the start of your ski resort and placed down everything you need, you can build a research station, this station will allow volunteers to research a different kind of structures, improvements, and more.

Unlock new lifts, stores, but also improve the snow tires on the crew’s snowmobiles to have them tend to emergencies faster.

The research tech tree where you can research new structures and improvements

The game currently doesn’t feature any achievements and it’s unsure if they will have them in the future, but if they are added, you can check it out via their store link Save 10% on Snowtopia: Ski Resort Tycoon on Steam in Early Access.

For the trailer check Snowtopia Early Access Release Trailer.

Mr. Snowy is hyped, are you?

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