Sleeping Dogs cellar tasting

Sleeping Dogs promo art

Sleeping Dogs is a game that often is referred to as an Asian GTA.
The game hit the shelves in 2012 and the definitive edition remaster is available on the Playstation, Xbox, PC, and even macOS.

Although getting referred to as an Asian GTA, some people tend to say that the game is better
from a lot of perspectives. We’ll tell you what Sleeping Dogs is all about, in this cellar tasting.

Another Sleeping Dogs promo artwork

You are Wei Shen, Wei is an undercover police officer that was raised in the Hong Kong streets.
After returning from the United States, Wei gets caught doing illegal activities undercover and has to gain his way into the Sun On Yee while being locked up. The Sun On Yee is one of the big Triad families in Hong Kong.

The story has two sides, one of you being a Triad member that helps out the family in their illegal activities, the other being an HKPD (Honk Kong Police Department) officer having to enforce the law.
These two sides clash in the personal life of Wei and he’ll try solving them as he takes orders from both sides.

An in-game screenshot shows you the streets of Hong Kong

The game feels like a GTA game, you can do the basic stuff like stealing cars, buying clothing, and doing other activities.

The game takes place in Hong Kong’s North Point, Central, Aberdeen, and Kennedy Town districts. Each district has its own home, parking garages, and stores.

As you progress in the game, more activities and availability will increase.
With these activities, you can gain Triad, Police, and Face XP as well as money, clothing, and vehicles. 

The combat in Sleeping Dogs mostly exists out of melee fights

Through combat, you can earn Triad XP.
The fighting system is mostly melee and exists out of fast and heavy combos, parrying, grappling, and more.
It’s also possible to use melee weapons and firearms, however, those are pretty rare.

Sleeping Dogs has red outlined props where you can get environmental kills from, for example, you can smash someone into a phone booth and hit them with the telephone. These kills get you extra Triad XP.

There also are certain Martial arts clubs where you have to survive certain waves of multiple enemies to gain XP and rewards.

Gaining XP after finishing a mission

There are three sorts of XP to earn, Triad XP, Triad XP, and Face XP. In missions, you can either earn both, or one sort per mission. For example, the main story exists out of Triad missions where you get Triad XP from, Case files mission where you get Police XP, and Favours where you can get Face XP.

With the Triad and Police XP, you can choose personal upgrades and with the Face XP, you can unlock boosts and clothing.

My character showing a +%5 Triad experience boost

Face and fashion goes together, get a higher Face level and unlock more clothing.

Clothing sets can give you boosts as well, if you match a top, pants, and shoes you can get special boosts like the Minor Thug boost, which gives you a 5% additional Triad experience boost. The clothing categories exist out of Torso, Pants, Shoes, Hats, Glasses, Chains, Watches, and bracelets.

You can also get preset outfits through missions or buy some legendary sets at the Nightmarket.

Start of a race

For activities you can also finish races, do drug busts, cock fighting and karaoke.

For drug busts, you need to clear out some thugs and hack the camera at the drug bust place. Hacking consists of two different hacking ways. One being through guessing the pin code and the other through cracking safes.

Next to hacking, bugging is also an activity that comes back a lot, to bug a place, you would need to calibrate the bug in Sensitivity and Frequency.

You can also pick locks, this lets you get into guarded areas easier, or into Lockboxes. For cockfights you can go to secure places offshore or to the harbor, you can get some high quick profit at some fights.
There are also a bunch of songs you can finish with the karaoke activity.

You can also date girls you meet in the game and get Face XP, for finishing the dates.

A full collection of Combat statues

Next to the missions and activities, you can also collect collectibles to finish the game 100%.
The collectibles exist out of Lockboxes, Health Shrines, Red money envelopes, Combat statues, and decorations for your house.

Whereas most collectibles give you money, the Health Shrines actually increase your maximum HP, if you collect this early or mid-game, most of the fights are easier, since you have a lot more health. You can actually bring the Combat Statues to a Kung-Fu school and learn special martial art moves from them. At around Face level 6, you will be able to see all the collectibles on the map.

You can either get money or clothing out of the lockboxes, if you get the lockboxes and red money envelopes early in the game, you don’t have to worry about money!

For all the Sleeping Dogs achievements, you can check Sleeping Dogs Achievements.

To watch the trailer, check the video here Sleeping Dogs Official Trailer

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