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Sands of Salzaar is published by X.D. Network and developed by Han-Squirrel Studios.

The game is out on PC, you can check it out on Steam. The English localization update just released today.
The game is out now with a 40% discount for $7,50, so get it while you can!

The code for this article was provided by the X.D. Network’s PR team.

The game features full customization of your appearance

In the beginning, you can choose the legacy of your chosen class, fully customize their appearance as well. This can later be changed within the game.

Your character ventures through this open-world strategy-action RPG to find treasure, complete quests, form an army, and more.

Spend your skill points to learn new skills

When you’ve reached the next level, you can spend your progress points on skills and talents that take you further into the game.

You can later choose which faction to side with as well.

Do keep in mind that your army needs food and that, when the day ends, they want to eat.
You can buy supplies and better gear for your hero at merchants. 

Guide your army onto the battle and fight alongside them

The combat is fairly simple, control your character, press to attack, shift to pause the action, and spacebar to roll. Use the action buttons to perform your skills, or consume consumables.

You don’t battle alone, you either have your squad or your troops alongside you in battle.
You recruit troops through talking at outposts or coming across new companions on your playthrough.

Victory screen after a battle

If you win a battle you, your troops and your pet will receive EXP and of course loot.
Loot can consist of minerals, money, and more, Depending on the type of enemy that you beat.

Promote characters and have their stats upgraded

When troops get EXP after battles, you can promote the troops into other, stronger, or more skilled soldiers.
You can also buy pets that will help you out in combat

You can set a number of troops to be deployed with the max battle size. If there are troops that exceed that number, they will be sent in as reinforcements. 

Sands of Salzaar has a huge world map

To find out what is more in the game, be sure to get it over at Steam, this game will have you invest a lot of hours with unique playthroughs with other classes.

There are some possibilities to play with joysticks or to set hotkeys.

However, there are no accessibility options, you can, however, check how to get help via Discord, or submit Feedback, through the settings menu.

The achievements are on the Steam page of the game, which you can find here Sands of Salzaar on Steam

To watch the trailer, check the video here Sands of Salzaar Trailer

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