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Gamma Minus is a German independent video game development company founded in 2018 owned by Jeremiah Costello and Friedrich Klemme.

They founded t-recs studios GmbH as well as Native Prime SAS – two-game localization companies. Their in-depth game localization workflow experience of over 300 titles, both – good and bad, has given them unique insights as to the proper execution and planning, as well as the complexity of game development.

Some of the titles that they’ve worked on are: Killing Floor 2, Rage 2, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Youngblood, The Elder Scrolls Online, Prey, Fallout 4, Game of Thrones (RPG), Men of War (series).

Having worked together like a well-oiled machine for such a long time, on so many projects, the two owners of Gamma Minus UG complement each other’s abilities and strengths.

The game is currently in its pre-alpha state and can be tested over at G.Round. Be sure to use code BottledTastes over at your G.Round profile. 

Rough Justice ’84 gives out Miami Vice vibes

It’s 1984, everyone’s favorite year, and the port city of Seneca is experiencing a boom. But upstanding citizens aren’t the only Senecans benefiting from the city’s spoils. In its underbelly, Seneca’s criminals, and worse, are finding homes and lairs in all sectors of society.

You are Jim Baylor; Seneca’s former top detective and law enforcement officer fallen from grace. A man falsely accused of crimes he never committed, stripped of rank, title and honor, and incarcerated with the very people he put away.

But you don’t stay locked up for long. You’re released from jail under questionable circumstances. You seek to clear your name, get the dirt on the people responsible for your demise, and discover the greater machinations at play. To that aim, and with the help of friends and former colleagues, you open and run a private security agency that hires, manages, trains, and deploys agents all across Seneca.

To root out the crime gnawing the city you’ll have to use all the power and resources available to you from agents, modern surveillance technology, friends in high places, and trust built through your ever-growing network of sources. What better way to righteously clear your name, than by gathering Seneca’s best and brightest.

Hire, manage, train, and deploy agents

Rough Justice ’84 is a single-player, time management game, where you run a private security agency.

Hire, manage, train, and deploy agents; dealing with fugitive recovery, repossession, and private investigative contracts.  As the owner of a private security contracting agency; attempt to bring some form of order to this ever-changing and evolving landscape.

Behind the curtains of this struggle for justice, a much bigger story is playing out – a story involving a secret organization with grand ambitions, that has you in their crosshairs.

The game with the combination of synthwave music gives a huge Miami Vice vibe to the game.

Check agent stats and hire them for your agency

In the game, everything is done through the map, send agents out to missions and when they arrive, help them out with decisions or mini-games.

The mini-games exist out of hacking, making decisions, and even picking locks.

Pick the right choices to finish the mission and earn some hard-earned cash to either hire more agents or upgrade your office.

Since this game is pre-alpha we are pretty excited to see what is still to come to this game, but they laid a good foundation on what to expect.

Make decisions to determine what way the mission goes

For accessibility settings and achievements, we can’t say a lot yet, we hope to see some settings implemented, for example, a color-blind mode, since the game works with a lot of colors for agents, the map, etc.

The achievements, when they will be added, can be followed over at Steam, where you can wishlist the game and follow their journey Rough Justice: ’84 on Steam.

Keep track of your agents and missions using the map

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