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EON46 is a small game developer from Poland, their team currently consists of 10 people. Their main goal is to create a game that will appeal to the players first and foremost. They have ideas and a clear development plan.

They would like to find out what view the players have of the game so that by working with them they can modify the game in such a way that it will reach as many people as possible.

The game has come out to Steam in Early Access and you can get it here Pest Control

Map layout for Pest Control

Pest Control is a combination of a simulator and a turn-based strategy, where you play the role of a pest exterminator. In Pest Control to fight against pests we give you a whole range of traps, sprays, and fancy equipment. And when your professional equipment fails, remember, you still have a rubber hammer!

Because remember the most important rule: you can’t go back! One step back is a small step for man, but a big step for mankind. Definitely the wrong way… Do not be passive, become an exterminator, and take up the fight!

The layout of a mission and the UI

In the heart of your office, you will find a workshop where you can design and modify the most sophisticated traps. Items that can be used for this can be found during the mission. You can use them to improve traps and weapons or sell them on the Black Market.

Every level has some enemies and storage where you can find materials or more pests.
Craft new items with crafting materials you collect from missions and venture into the city while you exterminate every pest, in the way your client wants to.

The workshop in your office

You start your work in one district, but as your progress and reputation grow, you will gain access to new parts of the city. There, of course, orders will be better paid, and the items you find will be more and more interesting.

The front line of your pest control is through homerooms, hotels, factories, laboratories, warehouses, and many other unique locations.

The orders are different: sometimes it is just neutralization, sometimes you have to catch a live animal and each pest requires a different approach. Many of them also have their version of steroids, much stronger and more dangerous than a standard representative.

Remember also to clean up after work: get rid of excrement, lairs, nests, corpses… Nobody likes to have to improve after professionals.

The map of Pest Control

For accessibility settings, you can set the V-SYNC and Anti-Aliasing, but for the rest, not a lot is available yet.

It is not stated if the games will have achievements, but you can get the game in Early Access over at Steam Pest Control

Watch the Early Access launch trailer here 🦝 Pest Control – Early Access launch gameplay trailer 🦝

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