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Ziegler Gamedev is a small team of two who have always dreamed of developing games. Their vision is to make dreams come true. They say on one side it is about their dream, on the other, and more important side, it is about what games should be.

They are not just meant to produce income, they are meant to be experiences for the player!

Ziegler Gamedev is based in Germany and was founded on the 1st of April, which means the studio just turned one year old, so congratulations on that, they released Malmyr in December 2020.

You can find Malmyr on Steam here Malmyr on Steam.
And you can find more about Ziegler Gamedev here Ziegler Gamedev GbR.

A town at night

Malmyr is a hybrid of city-building and automation games. In contrast to other well-known games of these genres, the player is not meant to build the biggest city or largest factory.

Malmyr’s gameplay is focused on logic and creativity to accomplish the game’s challenges.

Each of the 12 missions of Malmyr’s storyline has its own look & feel and compels the player to learn something new. Especially the quite unique resource transport mechanics stand out. The 12 missions consist out of 3 acts with 4 missions each. Next to that, there are 50 buildings and 50 materials to be unlocked!

You start by leading the expedition of King Reinhard Roughbeard, which is influenced by its advisor, the mage. You help out the expedition by harvesting materials and excavating ruins to find out more about the people who lived in the forest, next to finding that out you will also get to know new ways to extract new materials, all accompanied by easily understandable and accessible tutorials.

Get missions done for King Reinhard Roughbeard

For exploring you will need to click on the grayed-out forest that you have not explored yet, you buy the tiles with gold that will count up the more tiles you buy.

On the different tiles, you can build buildings that can get boosted when built on a certain tile, for example, a farm on fertile dirt or a woodcutter on a forest tile.

Connect tiles, sell materials and find out the story behind Malmyr

To get the materials that you did harvest, to the Royal trading post, you will have to build a road and logistics network when it’s not on a tile next to the trading post. You can select which way materials go by pointing the arrows on the road the right way.

This way you can sell your materials via your Royal trading post or upgrade the trading post with what you harvest!

You can also move the materials to buildings that are getting built, but you can also click on the tiles next to the building being built.

Next to harvesting, you can also explore ruins, which will give you more knowledge about the origins of the story and new ways to get materials.

A fully working town with Royal trade post, workers, farms and multiple material collecting buildings

There are other modes available as well, like the Freeplay mode, where you progress through an increasingly difficult mission. You will unlock new buildings by finishing mission steps. In the end, you will unlock a building unique to this mode and face a final task.

And the sandbox mode, where you have all buildings available and start with copious amounts of resources.

Next to that, the game features runecrafting, which is a great addition next to harvesting and building. Runes can be used for terraforming or placed into a Ruin for a global effect.

You are able to explore and make up to 12 magical runes and discover 3 special runewords.
You can craft runes by selecting your collected runes and putting them in the crafting slots.

Runecrafting in Malmyr

The game features no accessibility settings at the moment, however, for lefthanded players it is possible to play the whole game with your mouse only! The game is implementing localization settings in the next few months.

There are 26 achievements to get, some of them are hidden and there were 3 extra achievements added for the Lunar Fest event, you can check the achievements here Malmyr on Steam

Watch the trailer for the game here Extended Teaser: Malmyr.

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Explore Malmyr yourself via Steam

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