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Woodland Games studio is a gaming studio that wants to give the best games they can possibly make, and games that they would like to play themselves.

They believe in true passions and putting heart into their work and that these factors result in great games.
They pay attention to every detail of their games, from graphics to gameplay.
Woodland games was founded in 2016.

Next to Hell Architect, they are planning on releasing some other games like Split, Urban Explorer, Taxi Simulator, and Autopsy simulator.

Hell architect logo

Hell Architect is a game about building and managing your own hell. You take on the role of a Hell manager and are tasked with developing the underworld in a way that would make Lucifer himself fall off his chair.

Create a hell of your dreams – will it have the infamous 9 levels, or will you create your own chaos, the way you see fit?

You begin with some basic buildings, like power stations (yup, they need those in hell, too!) and canteens, work your way through shrines and toilets, and finish off with some intricate torture contraptions.

You can treat the sinners sent to your humble abode to different, fun (or not) sources of suffering – be it by punishing them for disobedience or just doing it for fun. Your hell, your choices.

Hell Architect is a title inspired by games such as Dungeon Keeper, Oxygen Not Included, and Prison Architect but does everything in its own, hellish style.

The demo for this game is currently out on Steam, be sure to wishlist it here Hell Architect on Steam.

Mining for resources in Hell

In the game, you will have to make your own layers of hell, you start by expanding your torture level and collecting resources.

The resources are meant for building levels like torture rooms, places for your sinners to sleep, and outhouses, where the dirty produce can be turned into drinking water for your sinners. You will also be able to build meat walls where they can get their food from. Sinners will need food and drinks to be able to produce suffering.

Assign them to a torture machine and gain suffering, suffering helps you unlock newer buildings, like torture machines that will generate more suffering, or the forbidden fruit, where you can later in the game do some research with.

Layers of hell including torture devices, food and drink resources, and a place for sinners to sleep

For accessibility, you can enable V-Sync and either enable or disable the nudity within the game. We are not seeing any other settings yet, and not sure if those will be implemented in the full game.

For the achievements you can follow the Steam page to see future achievements, there are no achievements for the demo itself Hell Architect on Steam.

For the gameplay trailer check Hell Architect Trailer – YouTube.

Completing the demo

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