Guilded gaming chat app

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Guilded features Gil the knight as their standard emotes.

We recently moved over our community from Discord to Guilded and want to invite you all to join our Guild.
We made this step since it was getting more of an expense to run a Discord server, than actually getting joy out of it while managing 5 different accounts for bots and having to pay for standard features.

You can join our Guild over at: The Bottling Room Guild.

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You are invited!

On this page we’ll tell you all about Guilded and what features they offer, this won’t be a comparison with other chat apps, but more an introduction to new Guilded users!

Guilded is 100% free to use and doesn’t require you to get a subscription for a bigger upload size or animated emotes. You would think that standard features like that would be free anyway, but unfortunately over at other chat apps, they are not. I would rather want to contribute when I can and feel like it actually contributes than just buying features that are pretty vital when running a community.

One of their unique chatting functions to start off with are threads, if you reply to someone, Guilded makes a thread under the channel that is only visible for you and whoever joins the thread, you can leave the thread when you’re done replying, discussing or whatever you were doing in that thread.

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Unlimited emotes, free animated emotes, 200MB uploads, and much more!

Another great thing is that you can get a custom bot built into the server, there are limited triggers and actions at the moment, but the Guilded Team are always working on more, they do this through the feedback of the community, which makes you feel very included.
This way you don’t have to get different bots in your Guild and can access and customize your bot within your server. They also have an implemented leveling bot with a level system and a welcoming bot that welcomes new users, the welcoming can also be added to your own custom bot.
And of course with leveling, do come level roles, next to the leveling system, a level role reward system is implemented as well.

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Customize your bot easily.

One of the best things for gaming communities is that you can make groups per game, or make custom groups and make them into groups for gaming platforms.
This way your community doesn’t get cluttered with 100s of channels because you want to include everyone!
The groups are next to the channels and can be made visible for a certain role only. Within the groups, you can make more channels and voice chats.

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Groups are visible next to channels.

The voice channels are like a group as well, within the voice channels you have the ability to speak and type at the same time, which removes the necessity of an extra channel per voice chat. Also within the voice chat, you can get more voice chats, this is great to have if you’re playing against each other or on other servers.
Guilded features a bitrate of 256kbps!

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Voice chats on Guilded.

Next to that Guilded introduces a fresh feature, the Calendar, this way you can share your streams when you are going to upload to YouTube, or simply when you plan your next raid. You can then in the overview of the server select if you are going, not sure yet, or that you are not going. If you are going to the event on the calendar it opens up a new thread for the event that you can leave afterward.

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Share your events, join up and schedule!

With Guilded you also don’t need to have a external forum or website anymore. You can easily make a channel that will function as your forum. You will see the hreads and your community can comment under those threads, Guilded has a lot integrated and this is one of things that can really help you with your gaming community.

Usage of the forum in The Bottling Room where users can ask for new voice channels!

Guilded also has the ability to form a channel to a Documents channel (Docs, for short), here you can post text documents that can be anything you need them to be, use them as your post its, for important info, tutorials, guides or community rules.

Docs have many uses, like for math people that want to write their grocery list so they don’t forget.

For the more competitive gamers, you can also set up tournaments, which will track the ultimate winner, you can join existing tournaments as well by going head to head against the best pro and amateur teams!

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Organize tournaments, track winners and view the playing teams.

Guilded features a lot more amazing features and is building with community feedback every day!
If you want to be a part of it sign up, join The Bottling Room Guild, and if you need support join the official Guilded server here: The official Guilded Guild.