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MinMax Games is a small two-man company operating out of British Columbia, Canada. Between the two of them, they have almost 30 years of game development experience.

They dedicated gamers themselves, who are striving to resurrect the concepts of the golden age of old school games mixed with today’s high definition graphics. They are strong believers in fun for the simple sake of fun itself. They like playing new and different games, and they hope you do too!

Next to Golfpedia, you might know MinMax Games from the Space Pirates and Zombies (SPAZ) games.

Golftopia is a golf course-building tycoon that mixes up building, defending, and playing the holes yourself. You can get the game over at GolfTopia on Steam. The game features a heavy sci-fi addition in building styles and weed protection.

Sneak peek of the Bottled Tastes golf course

You start off on your own Golfing paradise island, where you can place down your clubhouse and name your course. You can design, plan, build and manage every aspect of your golf course from the ground up. Place every structure, every tee, and every hole. Manipulate the very earth itself to forge the perfect golf course.

You start off with placing your first green and hole, next to creating and designing all of the holes, there is a wide selection of stuff you can build, like food and drink, stands to keep your visitors happy, but also buildings like a hoverboard rental stand and even a hotel.

Plan, design and make your own holes

Advance your clubhouse by earning the requirements of the number of holes, the rating of the course, and more. Every upgrade requires something but gives you unlocked items in return next to a different tier membership as well.

For easy hole access, you will want to build the Tube, that transports visitors from a to b. These can be easily connected and makes traveling from holes a lot faster. It will also save on paths that you otherwise would have to build.

The clubhouse is the main hub where your visitors start their golf adventure through the Tube system

Next to the building, designing and planning every step of your visitors, you have to deal with another enemy, brought in by the complaints of your visitors. Every time a member complains, the world will spawn in weeds, luckily you have your manager, an army of droids, and laser turrets in your arsenal to fight them off!

Watch out for the hive minds as they spread weeds very fast, but also worry about your visitors that don’t want to be in the ugly zone of the turrets and drone hubs.

Every visitor has a history of their thoughts, click on a visitor and see what they find good and bad about your course, solve the complaints so your golf course won’t look like the one on the gif below.

Check your visitors their complaints and defend your course from the weeds

The game is fully playable by mouse and you can remap the buttons for rotating buildings and so on. The game doesn’t have a lot of accessibility settings for the rest but has a lot of handy stuff you can enable or disable.

There are a total of 27 achievements to get in Golftopia, where none are hidden, find them here Steam Community GolfTopia Achievements.

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