Gears POP! mobile tasting

DISCLAIMER: We are sad to announce that the Gears POP! servers are shutting down in April 2021.

Gears POP! is a mobile game by Xbox Game Studios and is a mix between the Gears franchise and the Funko POP! franchise. Next to being available in the Play Store and App Store, the game is also available in the Microsoft Store.
You can log in with your Xbox Live account, so you can earn achievements and get extra goodies.

There are three game modes: Versus, Bootcamp, and Horde.
Under the Versus mode, there is a weekly event that has supported squads battle each other.
In Versus you play against other people. You get action points that refill per round and with those action points, you can summon Gears characters and soldiers. The playfield exists out of three covers that your soldiers have to overcome to reach the turrets first and then the enemy player. For the other two game modes, you need to level up your POP!

When you reach level 4, everything is unlocked and you can take on missions and earn achievements for the game.
With Bootcamp, you can test your skills in missions and practice missions, with these missions you can earn rewards.
For Horde, you need to be in a crew, you can either join a crew or make your own so you can play with your friends. Horde is a co-op mode.

If you decide to play this game through this article about it, we have made our own crew that everyone can join when you have 100 cogs, called Bottling Sqd. This way it’s easier to get into the Horde mode!

In your first week of playing, you get a 7 day Welcome Bonus calendar.
Every time you win a round, you get a golden chest with battle rewards, you can get coins, crystals, new characters, and clothing for your own Funko POP!

The coins can be spent on upgrading your pins. You can organize and select your pins over at the pins menu, here you can choose your party and see what fits your playstyle best.
The crystals can be spent on customizing your outfit or opening golden chests early.
After an X amount of battles won, you also get to open an Omens chest.

Hence this is a mobile game, there are still some things to be said about accessibility, the game has a text-to-speech option. For the rest, it has no colorblind option or any other accessibility options.

For all the Gears POP! achievements, you can check Gears POP! Achievements.

To watch the trailer, check the video here Gears POP! Launch Trailer.

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