G.Round free games playtesting

G.Round is a unique platform, where you can discover unreleased outstanding games that are free to play for you. It allows you to connect with the developers that are creating your favorite titles on the platform and other gamers from your region.

Other than getting access to exclusive and unreleased titles, being an active member of G.Round will earn you G.Points that you can use to get in-game rewards and other titles. As an active member, you also have the potential to be selected as a special guest for offline demo days around the world.

G.ROUND page showing what games are available to play and the upcoming games

It’s easy to sign up via the website G.ROUND, for some games you would have to download the G.Round application. In the launcher, you can download and play all the available titles.
This is where I get a lot of games from for articles, it’s always nice to see what an Alpha, Beta, or Early Access game has to offer.

(You can use https://gameround.co/signup/BottledTastes to help me out via my referral code or enter BottledTastes at your profile page!)

Watch this video to see how you can leave reviews, surveys, and more about G.Round; G.ROUND welcome video.

Test games and leave reviews via the website to earn G.Points, which later can be exchanged within the G.Round webshop.

You can also come in contact with the game developers via the G.Round Discord, where each game has its own channel https://discord.gg/gameround