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Bit By Bit Studios is a duo of former AAA developers who believe games without IAP, ads, or psychological gimmicks are what players really want and deserve.

Sean Sanders founded Bit By Bit Studios (BXB) in June 2012 after his employer, Buzz Monkey Software, was acquired by Zynga. Sean left the company and quickly released BXB’s first product, a developer tool on the Unity Asset Store. Revenue from that product helped finance the development of BXB’s first game, Fiz.

In July 2012, Sean began solo work on BXB’s first game, Fiz: The Brewery Management Game. Fiz was envisioned as Lemonade Stand from the Apple II era, except with beer instead of lemonade, and targeted for release on iOS and Android mobile devices. In Fiz, the player makes and markets their own beer in order to grow a simple homebrewing operation into an international beer sensation.

The game features a detailed explanation on how to play in the tutorial but also features pop up screens that you can disable if you don’t want any tips.

Beginning of the tutorial

Start your own brewery, name it, and start brewing in your garage.
Check your recipes and see what you can make, after selecting your recipe, you will have to buy the ingredients for your brew!

Since you’re in a garage, you’re bound to have some rodent problems, but don’t fear, tapping them on your screen gives you some money or recipe scraps.

The Bottled Tastes brewery in my garage

The brews have great names like Tutorial Lite, Plain Jane Ale, and Intoxicated Ape IPA.
You can collect recipe scraps to form a new recipe as well.

When you have finished selecting the brew you want, you will buy the ingredients and start brewing, you can adjust some quality, yield, and speed for the batch and after that select the tasks for your hired staff.

Select tasks for workers

You can always fire and hire new staff members that have better skill points, every batch you make gives the staff XP, with every level up it gives you a skill point to assign to your staff.

The skills exist out of Intelligence, Dexterity, and Patience, every task has their own skill needed and some workers will do a better job because they have more skill points in their skill.

Batch completed and one of the workers leveling up

When they’re done brewing you can research potential marketplaces to sell your beer to, for example, the one supermarket likes Lager more than the pub that loves Pale Ales.

The marketplace will then sell your beer and you will earn your profit on the sold batch.

Research the marketplaces and sell your beers to the right marketplace

To get more profit, you need better beers, and for better beers, you need better equipment.
You can upgrade all of your equipment 2 more times and you can even upgrade your cleaning of the equipment 2 more times as well.

With upgrading equipment, you will get more positive stats like brewing speed, quality, or shelf life.

Upgrading the Homemade Mash Tun will give you extra Yield

When you’ve brewed some batches and think you’re ready, you can participate in events like the Summerfest Lager Competition, where you pay a fee and will make a batch of beers to compete with other brewers!

Intro to the Summerfest Lager Competition event

The game features achievements for the mobile versions that can be easily found within the game under challenges.

There is a total of 50 achievements to earn within the game.

Achievements via the in-game challenges

You can get the game for Android here Fiz: Brewery Management Game – Apps on Google Play.

Get the game for iOS here ‎Fiz: Brewery Management Game on the App Store.

And for the Windows phone you can get the game here Fiz: Brewery Management Game on the Windows Mobile store.

To watch the trailer for the game, be sure to check it over at Fiz: The Brewery Management Game – Launch Trailer.

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