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Invisible Walls is currently testing their game First Class Trouble over at G.Round, it’s a casual deception game aboard the luxury space cruise-liner, the ISS Alithea, that has an A.I. Uprising.
We’ve asked Invisible Walls what makes their game unique from other deception games out there like Among us and Deceit.

They state that a lot of deception games rely too much on the core experience of deception, it’s a great key mechanic, but they are really trying to build an experience around it that is equally fun. It’s more casual with deep consequences, the game does not take itself seriously, it’s super casual and fun, we’ll tell more about the features that make it so fun later in this article.

Full Class Trouble will be around 25 euros on release, with future updates after release. Some of the content will be free to everyone who owns the game and some will be available only to those that buy seasonal content. 

A group of surviving passengers trying to reveal who the androids are

You take on the role of one of the last remaining survivors on a luxury spaceship that has experienced severe technical difficulties. Chief of these problems is that the AI and onboard robotic servants – Personoids – have rebelled and decided to kill every human onboard.

They wiped out most of the passengers by simply turning the air supply off, but a lucky few with Oxygen Rebreathers survived.

Showing the in-game UI

You start off in your room and when you open the door, you will meet another one of the passengers that you will have to trust to progress to the main hall.
For the elevators to other levels you need to find keycards to open the elevator doors, these can be found around the spaceship. Some just loosely left at the tables or the bar, whereas others can be found in rooms that you will need to access with another person.

Be sure to check on your oxygen levels since you will lose consciousness.
You can also find other items lying around, you can either find these in boxes or suitcases, you can for example find Oxygen potions, cosmetic clothing for the round, or champagne bottles that you can either drink or throw to people.

Two of the other features are that you can grab or push people, this makes some great comedy as well, pushing people over ledges, grabbing them while doing something important. You don’t have to be a personoid to interfere and that is what makes it more fun.

You can use your surroundings against the surviving passengers to win the game

There aren’t many options at the moment for accessibility or sensitivity and it’s not stated yet what will be available when the game releases.

There will be Steam achievements for the game, but those and the planned release date are to be announced, but you can wishlist the game here: First Class Trouble on Steam.

To participate in the testing, be sure to join G.Round here: G.Round
And join their Discord to come in contact with the developers and other gamers where you can play this amazing game with.

To watch the trailer, check the video here First Class Trouble – Closed Alpha Trailer.

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