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Playstorm Studios is a new studio created by true videogame lovers. They have previous experience working on outsourcing for companies like Capcom, DC Comics, Zinga, and many more. They decided it was time to try and make their own videogame combining all that they learned and the new ideas they came up with.

They are a small IndieGame Studio based in a small city in Mexico.
They believe that videogames are the ultimate art form and they are trying to create things that reflect those ideas.

Their core values are quality, deep stories, fun gameplay, and new experiences.
The Eagle Knight Paradox is currently on Kickstarter and has 18 days of funding left!

Be sure to check out their Kickstarter over at Eagle Knight Paradox by Playstorm Studios Kickstarter.
It is planned that the game will come out to PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Mech on the streets

The year is 3149. A strange mission takes the famous ship “2 de Octubre” to the jovian orbit in order to escort the space city of Comala 88 to its destiny, Pluto.

Just as they arrive at Jupiter Comala 88 is attacked by a mysterious and powerful enemy.
Captain Roja takes a rather strange decision as she chooses whom to send to face the new menace; young prodigy Ian Williams.

Ian will have to face his former friends as he takes control of the Eagle Knight, the ultimate combat machine.

Mech watching the progressing enemy

Eagle Knight paradox is all about the decisions, combining high-speed action adventure with a slice of life elements on the side, just enough to bring you a whole new experience in gaming.

Master new skills and choose your upgrades: you will decide on the upgrades you want to develop and be able to select from several abilities to take your combat to the next level.

Explore a city with different areas and awesome characters. Get to know them and care for them as they´ll help you improve your equipment.

Deep storytelling: Unfold the path of Ian on his way to finding his destiny. An internal conflict that will make you decide between honor and love.

Comala 88 en route to Pluto

The team is working hard on the game and until we play the Demo, we can’t state anything about accessibility settings or achievements!

Be sure to check their Kickstarter, it’s running for 18 more days over at Eagle Knight Paradox by Playstorm Studios Kickstarter.

Check the Launch Trailer over at Eagle Knight Paradox – Kickstarter Launch Trailer

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