Drake Hollow game tasting

Drake Hollow is a singleplayer and multiplayer game, you can choose to play it alone or with your friends. Drake Hollow is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and is at the moment one of the games on Gamepass.
It’s a post-apocalyptic like game where you will have to save the Drakes and build your camp with them.

You’re on a nature hike and suddenly you get into a part of the woods where a dark crow talks to you. The dark crow named Wise Crow says he has been waiting for you and that you have to follow him.
While you follow him through the woods, some mysterious things you can’t explain happen.
You end up at a broken-down house that only has the fireplace and a door frame. The crow orders you through the door frame but warns you that you can’t return since it’s a portal to another world.
You decide to walk through it and end up in a sort of post-apocalyptic world.
The crow mentions that he was sent to find you by request of an old friend. 
You arrive at the Hollows and your goal here is to help out the Drakes rebuild.
There are dark invaders in the world as well, called the Terminer, their magic lays thick dark branches across the land and thick fog. You can attune crystals, which will cleanse the dark branches and Aether fog. By cleansing crystals, you restore nature, to how it was.
To explore more of the map, you will have to learn how to craft gems that let you cross the Aether.

The combat exists out of one simple attack and a block stance. You can find melee weapons throughout the world, commonly in blue duffel bags. They are all day items like Coat Racks, Paddles, Tennis Rackets and Rakes.
There are also some ranged weapons that you can use. The levels and health bars float above the enemy, so it’s quite easy to see when you’ll defeat them.
The Terminer enemies can also raid your camp and destroy everything you’ve built, so watch out when the raid is happening.

At the beginning of your world, you get to make your camp with the Drakes.
The Drakes build for you, but you will need to get the crafting materials.
The resources can be simply gathered by cutting down trees and searching the rubble. You will need to build beds for Drakes to become a part of your camp.
You can hold the Y button to open the building menu and see what you can build, for new buildings, you will have to search for schematics around the other islands.
You can also find hibernating Drakes that you can wake up, so they will come to the camp.

For all the Drake Hollow achievements, you can check Drake Hollow Achievements.

To watch the trailer, check the video here Drake Hollow – X019 – Announce Trailer.

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