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Promo art for Cyberforge

Tater Games began as a simple discussion between two seasoned game developers. “There is so much creativity and talent in this industry but all too often the creative spark gets trampled by the demands of production,” said one. To which the other replied, “We should totally build a place where all that creativity, innovation and passion can flourish.”

For this to work, the two agreed, they would need to keep the teams small, but demand high performance. They would also need to flatten the hierarchy and provide open access to analytics and data so our creators can be involved in making important calls and be responsible for the success of the company.
With creativity, innovation, and the concept of collective ownership written in their DNA, Tater Games was established in March of 2019, seated in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Cyberforge: First Light is available now to playtest and review on G.Round for free! The full release (Expected 2021) will feature a more robust survival mode and a full story mode where players will discover what happened to humanity and whether this trio of dwarves has what it takes to make it home alive.

The three dwarves vs. one of the bosses

Cyberforge is a top-down adventure with real-time tactical combat, team-based puzzles, and RPG elements. Far from home and with no memory of the apocalypse, the dwarves do what they do best – Fight, Loot and Forge.

Grab an extra controller or two and enjoy the game with friends with seamless drop-in/out co-op play.

The game follows a trio of cyber-enhanced dwarves as they fight their way free from the clutches of an evil AI overlord. 

The dwarves in combat

The Berserker is a prime example of the stereotypical dwarf, he loves beer, beards, and banging on things. He is reckless in action but also a savant when it comes to mechanical things. He makes the mistake of thinking the Striker is a damsel in need of rescue.

The Striker is a bit of a control freak, everything has a place and everything should be in it. Her game theory is unparalleled and her loyalty is hard-won but eternal. Many dwarves disapprove of her vocation, considering espionage and assassination to be very un-dwarvenly.

The Defender, our final hero has always put his clan before all else. A traditionalist, he understands the strength of teamwork but is extremely stubborn and carries an air of righteousness that can come off as pompous and, at times, even naive.

Character sheets of the three dwarves and their stats & equipment

The game features random level design and in most of these levels, you will have to use the special skills of the dwarves to solve puzzles, to either get shards for your next upgrades or to advance the level.

After a random amount of levels, you will come across a workshop, here you can let your dwarves rest a bit and upgrade their equipment. For the equipment you need to collect an x amount of shards, to actually forge the equipment, you earn these by killing mobs and solving some puzzles.

The puzzles can be either done alone, by switching dwarves that you need to certain tasks, or via the co-op function. The Berserker has the skill to jump over gaps, the Striker has the ability to hack into the system and the Defender has the ability to move blocks.

The dwarves all have a range of different attacks, the Berserker has two axes for melee combat, the Striker has a gun for ranged and the Defender has his ranged shields.
They all have two options for combat, either their normal attacks or their special attacks, they also have an ultimate ability.

The three dwarves resting at the workshop

At this point, it’s not available to change your settings, so it’s not stated if the game will support any accessibility settings.

Steam also doesn’t state yet if the game will have achievements, but you can wishlist and follow the game over at Cyberforge: First Light on Steam.

Another in-game screenshot of the dwarves in combat

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