Cosmo’s Quickstop game tasting

Cosmo’s Quickstop is currently a Demo, the game isn’t out yet, but is aiming to release on Steam. The game will come out on PC.

The studio behind this indie game is Big Sir Games and this will be the first game they release.
Big Sir Games is a Chicago-based indie game studio founded in 2016.

While the arcade mode of this game has been seen around the country, the developers are hard at work on creating a lengthy campaign mode for the game.

You can either grab their demo now via Gamejolt or wishlist it over at Steam.

Morvin moves in with his uncle Cosmo to help the family business.
You will be the new overseer of the Quickstop and with hard work and a bit of luck, you’ll be well on your way to owning the most popular attraction along Route 66 Million.

The customers of the quickstop all have different needs, where one comes for gas, the other comes just to use the restroom (Or.. Glorp room, as it’s called at the quickstop).

You can play this game single and multiplayer.
Whenever you finish a challenge, get a high score and try to beat it the other day.

Cosmo’s Quickstop is a fast-paced world of interstellar gas station management.
You can choose between Tutorial, Normal and Challenge mode with up to 2 players either on a split screen co-op or via remote play together.

Your skills in multitasking will be your key to success.
In the quickstop there are a variety of things to do, customers come flying in and you’ll have to serve them, pump gas, clean the car and undock the customers when ready.
There is a portal between docking bays that you can use for quick teleporting to help every customer fast.
When you undock happy customers, you will earn money and can increase your combo meter. The higher the combo level, the higher the money.
Fail a customer and the progress to the next combo level is lost.

Next to maintaining cars, you will also take care of the Glorp room, the vending machine and helping customers across star maps to the planet that they’re visiting.

And if that wasn’t enough work, you will also have to keep an eye out for asteroids!

For accessibility, the game has full controller support.
The buttons can’t be remapped at the moment, which makes it a bit harder to play for left-handed gamers with keyboard+mouse, however, you can hook up a controller and play with that.

The game doesn’t feature a colorblind option.
If this gets featured in the full game, is not stated yet.

For the Steam page of Cosmo’s Quickstop, and wishlist the game, visit here Cosmo’s Quickstop on Steam.

To watch the gameplay trailer, check the video Cosmo’s Quickstop Trailer.

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