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21th Century Ducks got established in 2015. Before that, they have released the games Timing Hero, Super Pixel Racers, and Chefday.
David Lee the CEO of 21th Century Ducks says that the first idea of Chrono Sword came from sword art, he wanted to share the tension of combat through a game. Chrono Sword has the Souls series as their inspiration, so if you are into games like Dark Souls, Demon Souls, or any other souls-like, this might be a great game for you.
For Chrono Sword, the studio chose to rather use a pixel art style instead of 3D.

The team has been working on the development of Chrono Sword since 2018. Now the game is available for playtesting over at G.ROUND and for the first time, G.ROUND has started a collaboration to help fund the game via Kickstarter. The Kickstarter has been a huge success so far, since it already has 355 backers, you can still join to back for another 37 days! Through the playtests, 21 Century Ducks has had a lot of positive and critical feedback for their game, which is a great way for gaming studios to get to know what to improve about their games.

You can find the demo over at G.Round and you can back the Kickstarter over at  Chrono Sword Kickstarter.
The studio aims to release for Steam, Playstation, Xbox, and Switch and hopes to release it in the year 2021.

The map of the Chrono Sword DEMO

During a mission, Aenor meets the young Glendyn by accident, it changes everything. In the changed future, Aenor faces a whole different world where her precious people are all gone. In Chrono Sword, you will play as Aenor, and you will travel the past and the present of the fallen world to save your mentor.

Aenor is repeating a time travel mission from the present (12 years after That Night) to the past (12 hours after That Night). As an orphan, she was found by Glendyn at the age of 8 and raised and trained by him. She is an outstanding warrior. As a Time Traveler, she was trained to stay out of people their pasts, so she could look cold and calm. She starts her journey with young Glendyn to later meet the old Glendyn and save him.

The ambiance you can expect in Chrono Sword

The combat is based on the attack, dodge, and shield-like Dark Souls, but there are also contextual actions you can do. You can fight like a skillful expert with combinations of basic actions and contextual actions, without memorizing a long skill list. Every different set of combat is intense and fluid.

The solid combat experience is one of the cores of Chrono Sword’s gameplay. You can make your own combos by doing a combination of normal and strong attacks, you can also attack back after a short quickstep or run away from the combat area by rolling. You can use your shield to block a core enemy’s attack or to parry it. You can heal yourself in combat, but it is limited and risky since it takes some time to heal. There is no stamina in Chrono Sword, so you can do all the actions without any more glancing at a stamina bar.

All your actions are connected to each other and interact with the surroundings and situations. If you have low health, you will walk stumbling and bleeding, you will lean on the walls in pain. You can do a special attack if you attack an enemy from the back, or kick them away after a finishing attack.

Chrono Sword features souls-like combat

At the moment there are no accessibility settings available nor are there achievements and it’s not stated if those will be implemented when the game releases.

For now, you can playtest over at G.Round and you can back the Kickstarter over at  Chrono Sword Kickstarter.

To watch the trailer watch the video over here Chrono Sword Trailer.  

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