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Black Skylands is currently being developed by Hungry Couch Games, a team of game devs based in Moscow.

Hungry Couch was founded in April of 2019 by Konstantin Burov.
Now it has been contracted with the publisher, tinyBuild Games for developing the Black Skylands game.
It is the first game that they’re making.

The tinyBuild studios are well known for published games like Hello Neighbour, Party Hard, and Graveyard Keeper.

Black Skylands is currently available in Early Access over at Save 10% on Black Skylands on Steam and will release in 2021 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Concept art of Kain the Hunter.

With your trusty hook, a jetpack, and a ship, explore the beautiful open world outside of the Fathership.

You start the game off as Eva and your father have just come home after being away for a year. You are asked to retrieve a mystery box from his ship and that is the beginning of your adventure.

When you return to your father, you will get to open up your gifts for your birthday, but after that, mom asks you to find your brother, who has supposedly sneaked off to the training camp for enlistment.

You will get to fly a ship for the first time, but before that, you need to repair it. You’ll get a repair kit from Elsie.
After that Elsie tells you, you should also get gas for your ship.

Fueling up your ship

Fight in the sky and on land. Explore the sprawling open-world of Skylands with many islands: forest, snow, farm, and urban biomes, and the mysterious Black Skylands themselves.

Manage your equipment, skyships, and your resources over at your tablet. This is your place to manage everything from weapons to armor and skyships.

Gather the resources to build new buildings over at the Fathership.

Manage your equipment, skyships, and resources on your tablet

You now have the ability to mod your ship as well, this way you are always ready for air combat.
Upgrade your guns and armor and fight in epic battles against big monsters and enemy ships.

Be sure to have enough repair kits with you as well, since you will have to repair your ship from damage that you take from enemies.

Fire your cannons, repair the ship and destroy enemies in air combat

The game offers some accessibility settings at the moment, like button remapping and VSync, the game has multiple languages available as well.

There are no achievements on Steam at the moment that you can get with Black Skylands, be sure to keep an eye out on the game if you want to know if they’re going to implement achievements.

You can check the trailer for the game here Black Skylands Early Access Launch Trailer.

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