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Key art for Black Legend

Black Legend is developed by the talented and diverse team of Warcave, located in the charming city of Geel in Belgium.

When it comes to games, they search for only the most passionate individuals. Black Legend was born from such passion, where Warclave aspired to share the historical and folkloric culture of their country with the world through beautiful, immersive gameplay.

To do so, they took this challenge very seriously, diving deep in all manners of resources, from visiting some of the most amazing historical locations right there in Belgium to exploring museums in the Netherlands as well as jumping straight down the rabbit hole of 17th Century science, trade, and arts.

War-torn city of Grant

Black Legend is a dark, immersive Turn-Based Strategy RPG. Master tactical combat and the art of 17th-century alchemy to liberate a doomed city from a bloodthirsty cult inspired by the great alchemist Mephisto.

You can find the game on Steam here Black Legend on Steam

You lead a squadron of Mercenaries into the accursed city of Grant to aid a struggling resistance against a deadly cult of fanatics. Explore deep into the city to eradicate a madness inflicting fog that shrouds the streets.

Grant’s status as a city-state started very early. No kingdoms or true borders had been established when Grant started to grow.

The Gilded Claw merchant district

You travel to Grant after you are hired by the Gilded Claw, you soon hear the story that you are not the first band of mercenaries coming to fight here, and others suffered terrible fates.

Walk around the city of Grant and come across Cultists, bandits, and many more abnormal creatures that you can fight. Fighting starts off turned-based, where you can place your units and can see who takes the first turn.

Each fighter can have a different class, there are loads of classes in this game that you can change your mercenary into, from plague-doctor to Landsknecht and many more.

Walking through the streets of Grant

If you explore the whole town, you will get to fight all the enemies and loot all the secret spots, where you can find loot to equip your mercenary band with, from armor, weapons to items that you can use in the battle.

A thing that the game makes really unique is that you have four humours, Red, White, Yellow, and Black. The four can either contribute or take away catalysts.

Alchemy is the most efficient way of dealing damage in battle.
Use abilities to apply colored ‘humours’ on the enemy then combine matching pairs with Catalysing attacks. The intensity of a catalyst is determined by the number of combined humours.

A fight against Cultists

For accessibility, button remapping is available next to the disable options like screen shake and motion blur, the game can be played with both kb+m and gamepad.

You can find the achievements for the game over at their Steam page Black Legend on Steam. there are 15 achievements to earn with none of them hidden.

You can watch the Black Legend trailer here Black Legend – Official Trailer.

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