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Arclands is an Indie game by a solo dev, his name is Jon Keller and he is a 26-year-old guy from Germany.
He has been working freelance as a web designer and developer for about 6 years and has been making games for more than 8 years.
Arclands is the first project he believes is interesting enough to actually bring out.

Arclands has a Kickstarter that, at the moment is 100% funded, but you can still back the project if you want for another 8 hours! You can do so over here Arclands by Jon Keller — Kickstarter.

The release date is currently set at Q1 in 2023 and will release to PC and Mac for sure, consoles still need to be announced.

A town within Arclands

You’re a wizard who got banished from their home because they rivaled the ruling wizard in power. What you gonna do, that’s wizard rule right there. Banished citizens are sent to the Arclands – a treacherous collection of islands inhabited by monsters that are attracted to everything magic.

That’s bad for you and your followers, so the only way to survive is to grow and fortify your village. You will see it grow from a loose collection of rugged tents to a heavily fortified city, attract other banished refugees, and discover the secrets of the Arclands.

Town growth in Arclands

Arclands controls pretty much like a standard RTS, but akin to it’s biggest influences, you also have an avatar – a unit which you can control, level up, and customize. Your avatar is persistent – meaning that your Wizard carries over to every new town you start. If your town gets destroyed, you can still scavenge some of your claimed resources, take your favorite citizens with you, and start anew.

This guarantees a steady progression in the game and speeds up the early game if you so desire

Akin to classic RTS games you can build structures and your citizens will start working on them. Provide your citizens with a comfy place to sleep, build flower beds, or taverns to keep them happy and occupied in their free time. Secure your city with walls and a vast selection of traps and towers.

Building in Arclands

Ensure your economy is thriving – Build farms, forester sheds, and mines to ensure a constant flow of resources. Eliminate bottlenecks in your supply chain.

Keep an eye on your citizens and what you can do to make them more productive.

Make sure your citizens stay productive by keeping them happy – assign them a job, a place to live, and tend to their needs. Your most basic workers don’t need much but a warm place and basic food – once you get further into the game though you’ll find you want to attract very special citizens which might need more specialized care.

See your village stats and ensure your economy

Whenever you start a new settlement you end up on a randomly generated island of the Arclands. When you’re feeling brave enough you can gather some of your soldiers and venture out of your village – you’ll come across abandoned settlements, deep forests, and magical ruins. All filled with enemies, resources, and magical treasure alike. It’s worth it, but it’s also dangerous.

Embark on adventures with your town soldiers

When your settlement grows you’ll attract more and more unwanted attention which needs to be taken care of. Control your citizens in a typical RTS-like fashion to defend your city.

Your main character can learn powerful spells by either leveling up or discovering ancient knowledge in the Arclands.

A skirmish in Arclands

There are no accessibility settings to research yet and if there are going to be achievements is also still a mystery.

All that we know is that you can still back this game over at the Kickstarter Arclands by Jon Keller — Kickstarter for another 8 hours and the game will most likely be released in Q1 2023.

For the trailer to this game check Arclands Kickstarter Trailer.   

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