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Aquaculture Land is a Fish farming simulation and is now out for early access over at Steam or via G.ROUND. The demo contains a playable career mode and a free mode where you will learn to make your own fish farm, how to treat your fish, and farm them for your customers.

Aquaculture land is published and developed by Maulidan Games.
Maulidan Games is a gaming studio in Indonesia that produces digital games based on web and mobile devices. They have a dream to become the fastest game developer ever.

To that end, productivity and efforts to create engaging creative content while educating on an international scale continue to improve.

The studio has “Tough in Consistency and Acceleration” as motto! 

Your uncle calling you in one of the cutscenes

The career mode takes you on a story of you being a desk worker, the more and the later your work gets, you get fired. You come in contact with your uncle Bernard, you tell him your story and he invites you over to the mainland.

The next day you find yourself sitting on the train and getting picked up by your uncle.
Uncle Bernard will teach you the ropes (or nets) of the fish farm and will introduce you to other customers that will buy fish from you. 

An in-game screenshot of the start of a fish farm

To farm your fish, you will need to make ponds, in the ponds you can put different sorts of water the further you get into the game.

When you have your pond filled with water, you can put your fish in, however, you will notice that your fish aren’t too happy with just a pond, so you will need to build two sorts of equipment, a water filter and an aerator for your fish their o2. Both these types of equipment need to be placed on water and get power from a generator.

If you max out your pond, you can have 40 fish in total in the pond at the moment.

Unlock different fish and equipment through improving customer relationships

Take on requests from customers to earn money and unlock the market, later on, this way you can earn money to buy more and better equipment, hire more workers for you and increase your customer relationship.

The more you improve the customer relationship, the more you can unlock via the Journal Map. The demo is limited to 3 customers with a customer level of 5, but more will be available in the full version of the game.

A max upgraded fish farm in the Demo

For accessibility settings, there is not a lot available at the moment, only some sound and graphics settings, if those will be available are not stated at the moment.

The game does have Steam achievements, if you want to check these out be sure to check their steam page over at Aquaculture Land: Fish Farming Simulation on Steam.

If you would like to try this game out via G.Round be sure to register via my affiliated link G.Round or if you have an account, you can go to your profile and fill in BottledTastes as your referral code!

To watch the trailer, check the video here Aquaculture Land Trailer Video

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