Animal Crossing Festivale, Groundhog day & Super Bowl Seasonal items with new update.

Source: Animal Crossing: New Horizons / Groundhog Resetti model

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has launched their January update some days ago, introducing the new Festivale event and a variety of seasonal items to the game. Most of these items are available for a limited time only, with more to come in February. Nintendo teased an upcoming Super Mario-themed update for March.

Source: Animal Crossing: New Horizons / Seasonal Items

The new items in Nook Shopping’s Seasonal tab include, a Mr. Resetti model for Groundhog day, a football rug and cheer megaphone for the Super Bowl. The items are available until the 3rd of February.

The February update will contain more seasonal items, including a red envelope for the Lunar New Year, a box of chocolates and a heart-shaped rose boquet for Valentines day.

Source: Animal Crossing: New Horizons / Pavé the Peacock

The biggest part of the update is the Festivale event, which doesn’t start until the 15th of February. Pavé the dancing peacock will visit your town and you’ll be able to catch different colored feathers and exchange them for themed furniture and clothing. Feathers will fall from the sky and require a net to catch, just like the snowflakes from the Winter update.

There will also be a new reaction set, called Viva Festivale, that you can buy from Nook’s Cranny, which includes; Feelin’ it, Let’s go, Viva and Confetti, for a limited time.