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Among Us promo art

Among Us is developed and published by the game studio Innersloth, It is run by 3 people and is currently working on a line of Among Us merch, be in time to get yours before they are sold out.

The studio has worked on the Henry Stickmin collection and the game Dig2China.

The game is available on PC, Android, and iOS and has cross-platform between the platforms.

Before the game starts you see if you are a crewmate or imposter

You can play Among Us with 4-10 players online or via local WiFi as you attempt to prepare your spaceship for departure, but beware as one or more random players among the crewmates are impostors bent on sabotaging and killing everyone.

One of the crewmates getting killed

As one of the Crewmates, it’s your goal to win by completing tasks to prepare the ship or by ejecting all the impostors.
Imposters can sabotage the spaceship, by doing things like disabling communications, turning off the lights, and more.

You can use some handy tricks like checking the vitals of Crewmates, check the admin map to see how many Crewmates there are in other rooms, and to check the camera’s in the corridors.

When you come across a dead body, you can report the body and start a discussion of who the suspected imposter might be. You can also call emergency meetings by pressing the emergency button in the cafeteria, if you, for example, see an impostor vent or do something suspicious.  

One of the many death animations shown

As the impostor, it’s your job to kill enough people on board and not get caught, to achieve victory. You’ll have to pretend to run tasks to blend in with the other Crewmates.

As an impostor you can move through vents to other rooms, to quickly maneuver through the maps.
As stated above you can sabotage the ship to get kills easier.

You can next to sabotage, close the doors of certain parts of the map, so you can either trap Crewmates or keep people out of the part of the map that you killed somebody.

The lobby before jumping into a game of Among Us

For customization, you can pick your color, you can pick an outfit where you can choose your clothing and your hat, but also a pet if you buy one of the bundles that Among Us has to offer.

It also features a Discord integration where you can easily share an invite to your lobby and see how long or with how many people you are playing.

There are no accessibility settings available, which can be hard for people that are colorblind, however, you do see the names of people floating above their character.

All crewmates playing Among Us

This game has no achievements. But you can check your statistics via the stats button on the main menu.

To watch the trailer, check the video here Among Us Steam Release Trailer

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